Laminated Carving

3D surface development on laminated wood.

Parametrically generated spacial coordinates, shaped a 3D model that allowed us to digitally design a large scale landscape. The landscape was carved with 0.001″ accuracy on laminated Birch plywood.

This installation was developed, fabricated for an institutional project in Ottawa, Ontario.

Ceiling Modules

We CNC, mold, laser and develop specific techniques for your unique projects. Partner with us to get most our of your Design-Development phase.

Detailed Wood CNC

We have one of the most advanced facilities for solid wood processing and detailed manufacturing.

Our staff are trained carpenters with many years of experience in the cabinet making and carpentry in Canada.

Laser and Assembly

We prepare, produce and assemble as required for any scale and size.

Project shown was a ceiling treatment architectural feature designed and produced for acoustic performance in a sound studio.

Massing Models

Examples of some work in progress models on our 4 axis CNC machine for an architectural site plan approval.